Previewing The Missouri Valley Football Conference

Believe it or not, we are just over six weeks away from the opening weekend of football in the Missouri Valley Football Conference Valley. Thursday, August 31 is the day it gets under way for three of the Valley’s 10 teams. Six others kick-off the 2017 season on Saturday, September 2. Between now and then we will be treated to a slew of standings predictions and depth chart projections. A preview of things to come.

There is no conference better in the FCS than the Valley and there is no conference more entertaining to project than the Valley. I started to take a deep interest in the conference as a whole last year. The reason being that I would head to tailgating before a North Dakota State game and I wouldn’t hear people talk much about the other Valley teams. If they did, it was relegated to Northern Iowa or South Dakota.

Now, lest I upset NDSU fans, this isn’t to say they aren’t intelligent football fans that take a deep interest and understanding in all things that concern their team. This has more to do with my personal desire to know more about the Valley than any other fan.

I read other newspapers on teams, watched games on the Internet and would gleam what I could from Monday presser. The Valley was some kind of drug and I was hooked. I can’t get away. This is an exercise or, if you allow, a preparation of the mind for the 2017 Valley season.

I have picked out five topics to discuss in the coming weeks.

  • Game of the Week
  • Top 5 Players
  • Newcomers to Watch
  • Best Names on Each Roster
  • Season Predictions

I hope you use this as a chance to kill time at your son’s t-ball game or daughter’s soccer game or whatever it is you’re doing on a weeknight instead of watching football. Because we all know that the desire is starting to rise up in you once again. The desire to eat, sleep and breathe football.

It’s so close we can almost taste it.