A Scared Excitement

Let’s go back to high school. No, scratch that, Jr. High. Back to when you had a crush on someone. Not a “they are cute” crush but a “I’m going to puke I like them so much” crush. Remember that feeling of seeing that person in class or seeing them at the same event? A…
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It’s Not About Popularity

  My time at North Dakota State University was incredible. One of the best things I did was work at the campus radio station, KNDS. I was not the only student that benefited from the experience. From the sounds of it, there won’t be many more to benefit from this station. A NDSU Finance Advisory Board recently…
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College Football Week 9 Pick ‘Em: This Year’s Iowa

Talking head, Colin Cowherd, had some interesting things to say about Nebraska this week. I do agree with the idea that the Cornhuskers have no played any good teams this year. It’s an argument that was slapped on Iowa last season. They ultimately proved they were good but not good enough to beat the likes of…
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College Football Week 8 Pick ‘Em: The First Playoff Play-in Game

Week seven didn’t yield too much excitement in college football. The Ohio State at Wisconsin game was fun but we didn’t have that massive OH MY moment. Of all the top 25 teams, only two lost to unranked opponents. More on that a little later. This week could show us more of the same. Except…
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Tailgater’s Guide: South Dakota State Vs. North Dakota State

The Bison and the Jacks have played about a hundred times in the last five years. At least it is beginning to feel that way. Every game seems to grow in magnitude. The problem from South Dakota State’s side is they never seem to rise to the occasion. North Dakota State is 13-1 against the…
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