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Missouri Valley Football Conference Power Rankings

I love power rankings. Not sure why. Maybe because I love the conversations they lead to. Maybe it is because I am a sucker for mid-week posts about college football. Whatever the case, I love them. And, so, I am beginning one here on this blog for the Valley. It seems a bit irregular to…
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Valley Recap Week 1: All The Points

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying sleeping in, spending time with your family and one last chance at getting out on the pontoon. If you’re like my father, you woke up at 6:00 a.m. and hit the fields because, “Someone has to do the work.” My father does not believe in Labor Day.…
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Valley Week 1: It’s College Football Season, Kid!

Admit it. You’ve sat in your favorite chair, looking over articles, highlight videos and other various information about your team’s upcoming season. All of this preparation leads to the unavoidable “If we just do well here and pull the upset here…” It’s a right of each fan. The opportunity to entertain the unattainable. Reality is…
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Previewing The Valley: Season Predictions

The Missouri Valley Football Conference appears to be loaded. Again. Go to the homepage of the Valley’s website and you will see all kinds of press releases showing off the numerous amounts of teams and players on pre-season lists. This comes with good reason. The conference has been represented in the national title game each…
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Previewing The Valley: Best Names

In a previous life, I had to pronounce names. Some names were tougher than most. Some names just rolled off your tongue. Then there are names like the ones below. The ones that are so unique or so ridiculous that you can’t for get them. This list, like all non-statistical based lists or just lists…
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